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The metal rackets started in 1957 when René Lacoste invented and patented the first metal tennis racket for use. Wilson (the famous tennis racket company) eventually bought the rights to it, and so the metal racket made its first appearance in a Wilson catalog in 1969. The first Wilson metal racket, the T2000, was unlike any wood racket at the time.

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In the early history of tennis, people played with wooden rackets, typically made from ash, maple, and okume. Woods are not isotropic, meaning they do not have the same physical properties in all directions – this proved problematic, since a racket needs strength in both the vertical and horizontal axes.

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WOODEN RACKETS: The 70's were dominated by wooden rackets produced by Dunlop , Slazenger , Wilson and Spalding. The 2 classic wooden rackets of all time were the Dunlop Maxply Fort and the Wilson Jack Kramer. The rackets were generally heavy with extremely small sweet spots. The rackets were generally quite flexible .

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Early Racquet Design, Unusual Handles & Metal Frames. by admin on January 27, 2010. In 1874, Major Walter Wingfield created marketing history by packaging racquets, nets, posts and balls into sets to sell as the first outdoor tennis sets. Early racquets were also lop sided however as the game progressed so did the desire to provide racquets more suited to the game and so began an amazing evolution of design, materials and ingenuity.

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Early tennis rackets borrowed their design from the older sport of real tennis, an early racket sport dating back to around the 16th century and played by the rich and elite.

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The entrepreneur began to build racquets with layers of synthetic resins and in 1979 he acquired the patent of Black Ace, the first racket with one hundred percent graphite, launched by Taiwanese Kunnan Lo. A revolution for lightness, precision, versatility, which allowed you to hit a ball at 150 mph.

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Racket: Lacoste Laminated. Year: 1947. Advances in laminating technology resulted in the first tennis racket made of laminated wood in 1947. This was a game-changer. Wilson Gets in the Game

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The Open era in 1968, when professionals and amateurs began competing together for cash prizes, was probably a key driver behind the development of racquets.