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Being Bell 's body guard, Nerua was shocked when she heard that her client has entered the Galaxy League. Nerua's active sports loving client is always causing her trouble. Nerua has no choice but to enter the Galaxy League to keep her client safe. Increases the reflex by 35% and MAX HP by 35% of Thunder players.

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How to use. Ctrl + F to find your scenario. You will need to know the question number. Find them on the Teamwork page. Find the edit button and press the downwards arrow to see more options. Select "Source Editor". If source editor isn't an option, click "Classic Editor", then click the "Source" tab at the top of the edit box that pops up.

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Artists: Original artwork: Kamo Kamen Lifeguard Nerua: Renian Iron Defender Nerua: whoisshe Blessing March Nerua: Carchet

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I'm Nerua, a knight of royal family! Battle(2) 여길 지키고 있습니다. I'm protecting this. Battle(3) ... Soccer Spirits Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community.

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4) Nerua will be subject for recall during Nov. 4th 11pm - Nov. 11th 11pm PST. -This recall decision has been made due to a characted performance reduction that took place during the last patch. 1. The Recall System icon will be displayed on the upper right side of the main menu. (Next to the chat button) 2. The recallable characters and recall ...

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Weekly Player Discussion & Guide: Nerua. Hello everyone, a bit late on this week's player discussion but here it is! This week we will discuss Nerua, whether it's her evolved form or her EE form. What stones to use on her, where to put her, how to counter her etc. Any discussion regarding her is welcomed here.

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Well, she did have dedication. With not much else going for her, Nerua was willing to sacrifice anything to keep the princess safe. No other bodyguard had signed up for the Galaxy League as quickly and as willingly as her. She had done it for the princess. Everything was because of her. She never imagined that she'd be playing soccer.

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Nerua has quite a lot of HP by herself only. Believe it or not, she can be built in a variety of ways. Cons. She's pretty slow so you won't be able to steal the ball fast enough on the first shot. Almost always she'll get CAed at mid if you place her in her position bonus. Spirit Stones

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Nerua has proven she is selfless and loyal. When her client entered the Galaxy League, Nerua dropped everything and went with her to keep her safe. Even with the fact that this was definitely not in the job description. You can imagine why. She happens to be a royal knight, you know. Nerua never imagined herself playing soccer.