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There is a white basketball with blue seams, and “BALTIMORE” is off to the right on the basketball. The next Baltimore Bullets logo in 1968 is “bullets” spelled out in orange with the “Ls” acting as arms reaching up for a orange basketball above. A small “BALTIMORE” appears in blue on top of the “b” and “u” in “bullets.”

History of basketball - Wikipedia

The history of basketball began with its invention in 1891 in Springfield, Massachusetts by Canadian physical education instructor James Naismith as a less injury-prone sport than football. Naismith was a 31-year old graduate student when he created the indoor sport to keep athletes indoors during the winters. [1]

Where Basketball was Invented: The History of Basketball ...

Where Basketball Originated. It was the winter of 1891-1892. Inside a gymnasium at Springfield College (then known as the International YMCA Training School), located in Springfield, Mass., was a group of restless college students.

What is the Best Decade of Basketball in NBA History? - The ...

This style of basketball may have been around in the 80’s and 90’s, but with new rules and new types of players, the 2000’s NBA players were able to perfect it. Versatility: Here is where playing with hand-checking hurts the decade.

BASKETBALL: History of Basketball at the Olympic Games

proposed to include basketball on the list of obligatory sports. This proposal was rejected. Women’s basketball rejected • 1955: A request to include women’s basketball was rejected at the 51 st IOC Session, which was held in Paris in June. • 1965: The request to include women’s basketball was again rejected at the 64 th

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Legends profile: Michael Jordan | NBA.com

By acclamation, Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time. Although, a summary of his basketball career and influence on the game inevitably fails to do it justice, as a ...

Basketball Passing Fundamentals, Drills, and Tips

Once the basic passing types are mastered, you can move on to the variations (behind the back, over-spins, wrap-around, etc) In addition, there are many fine drills that combine movement, competition and other objects, contained in the free e-book, Winning Basketball Drills.

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There are a variety of Unicode bullet characters, including: U+2022 • BULLET (HTML • · •, •) U+2023 ‣ TRIANGULAR BULLET (HTML ‣) U+2043 ⁃ HYPHEN BULLET (HTML ⁃ · ⁃) U+204C ⁌ BLACK LEFTWARDS BULLET (HTML ⁌) U+204D ⁍ BLACK RIGHTWARDS BULLET (HTML ⁍)

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Basketball, game played between two teams of five players each on a rectangular court, usually indoors. Each team tries to score by tossing the ball through the opponent’s goal, an elevated horizontal hoop and net called a basket. It is the only major sport strictly of U.S. origin.