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Left-Right Footwork. Ideally, when you set the ball, you want to be finishing your steps left-right as you push through the ball. Feet are staggered and there’s a weight transfer from left foot to right foot. It’s also important to mention, always start first, by facing the court.

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Tips for Spiking a High Outside Set. When practicing the volleyball footwork for approaching to hit a high outside set, be on the left foot when the setter is releasing the ball. After the left step, bring the arms back. Step with the right foot to where the ball is going.

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Want to master your setting footwork? John Speraw helps you take it to the next level with these volleyball drills. Learn pro tips and rock the court!

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Setting footwork for young players. The Art of Coaching Volleyball. Follow. Good setting is as much about feet as it is about hands. Here, former Stanford All American Cary Wendell Wallin covers setting footwork (as well as hand technique) with some of her 10-year-olds from 949 Athletics in Orange County, California. As you'll see, she emphasizes taking steps that allow players to quickly get to the ball, set with their shoulders square to the target and then return to their original spot.

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First, have the setter focus on setting the ball to the left front area. As skills advance, the setter should practice back setting (setting the ball to the right front area). The coach can challenge the setters range by changing the location, trajectory, and pace of the ball. In the beginning, always focus on tossing in rhythm.

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It's hard to be good at volleyball because it's both a technical and chaotic sport. Training to develop consistent footwork patterns is technical while focusing on these footwork patterns within game-like situations is chaotic. This is basically the difference between the terms hard and soft skills.

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Volleyball footwork or transitioning can make or break your game. From your approach, to getting your feet to the ball on time, and even serving, footwork is the foundation! Players often disregard the importance of quick feet and consistent footwork. When coaches teach the basics, they go over transition footwork for what seems like a million times to make sure it becomes a habit.

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Volleyball setter footwork and setting drills for mastering the footwork for setting. Volleyball setting tips. Volleyball setting skills involve both hand se...