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Basketball Terms In Spanish air ball — el air ball assist (noun) — la asistencia backboard — el tablero bank shot — el tiro a tabla basket (goal) — el cesto, la canasta basket (score) — la canasta, el enceste basketball (ball) — el balón, la pelota basketball (game) — el baloncesto, el básquetbol, ...

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With the college and possible NBA (labor dispute) basketball seasons around the corner, here are some useful words if you have to listen to a game in Spanish. assist (noun) — la asistencia. backboard — el tablero. bank shot — el tiro a tabla. basket (goal) — el cesto, la canasta. basket (score) — la canasta, el enceste.

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BASKETBALL VOCABULARY IN SPANISH 2.1. Positions. Point Guard / playmaker: base. Shooting Guard / Small forward: escolta. Forward: alero. Power foward:... 2.2. Actions. Shoot: tiro o lanzamiento ( noun) / tirar o lanzar ( verb ). Dribble: bote ( noun) / botar ( verb ). 2.3. Fouls. Foul: falta. ...

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Because sports are a vehicle to meet people and make new friends, here you have some of the most important terms of basketball in Spanish: Nouns: (el) básquetbol, (el) baloncesto – basketball (game) (el) balón, (la) pelota – basketball (ball) (la) cancha, (la) pista – court (la) canasta, (el) enceste) – basket (score)

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Basketball Terms Spanish to English. Basketball – Baloncesto. Pass – Paso. Shot – Tiro. Foul – Falta. Free Throws – Tiros Libres. Zone – Zona. Dribble – Bota.

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dribble- driblar. Basketball (ball)- la pelota. Player-el jugador. Referee-el/la árbitro. coach- el entrenador.

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Yes, I would say regatear, driblear, or hacer regates. I've heard all. updated ABR 10, 2008. posted by manutd. 0. votes. To control a ball past somebody in football ie to dribble is regatear OR driblar a alguien. It could be the same for basket ball. updated ABR 10, 2008.

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