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5 Layup Drills You Must Use Next Practice (Full Instructions)

Layup technique for both sides of the floor is always step with the outside foot first, then finish the layup jumping high off the inside foot. Encourage your players to try and ‘swish’ the ball off the backboard so that they make the layup without the ball touching the ring.

20 Basketball Layup / Finishing Drills for Coaches & Players

We recommend that you use interleaving and random layup drills. Interleaving means you mix skills and allows you to practice more efficiently -- so you might work on both dribble moves and finishing at the same time. Or you could combine layups with pieces of your offense, passing, shooting, etc.

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How to Do a Layup in Basketball (6-Step Guide)

Learning layup technique is important, but all the individual layup practice in the world isn’t going to make you an elite finisher at the rim. You must practice scoring against live defenders. Once you’re comfortable with technique, it’s time to add defense take your finishing skills to the next level. 1-on-1; 2-on-2; 2-on-1; etc

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Basketball Layups Drills. Layup competition. This team layup competition will focus on full-speed layups, and staying calm during break aways. Two Line Fullcourt Passing. The object is to improve the basketball passing skills, accuracy and technique of the player. This basketball drill also gets a little fitness in as well. Little Around the World

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For correct lay-up technique and footwork, see: Lay-ups - Finishing at the Hoop Classic 2-Line Layup Drill This drill has been around since basketball was invented, and is still a good drill for practicing lay-ups, both right and left-handed. See the diagram. There are two lines, a "shooting" line and a "rebounding" line.

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Executing the Perfect Layup PLUS 2 Killer Lay-Up Drill Videos!

Lay-Up Basics. A layup is a two-point shot attempt made by leaping from below, laying the ball up near the basket, and using one hand to bounce it off the backboard and into the basket. “ The motion and one-handed reach are what make it different than a jump shot. An undefended layup is usually a high percentage shot.

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Drive your right knee up and jump off the left foot, making a shooting motion with your right hand. Repeat until halfcourt, then turn around and come back doing left hand layup footwork. Left Hand Layup: On the coaches signal, take a step with the left foot, then step with the right foot.

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Coaches can require that the ball never hits the floor. They can reverse the flow of the drill to work on left-hand layups. Coaches can have a defender waiting at the rim to challenge the finisher. The list goes on an on. Basketball Practice Warm Up Drills: Pivot Passing. The final basketball practice warm up drill here is called Pivot Passing. While this drill remains a staple at the youth level, there are practical elements here that can be incorporated into the practice plan of more ...